Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Happy February !

The hardest challenge this year already has definitely been LOVE.

Yup, I have the hardest time loving my brothers and sisters in the Lord. I can chat and surface talk with people but really love them like Jesus love is not there. That is my constant prayer is that God would give me His love for the body.

In just a week I will begin my 8th semester at bible college. I still have no idea how the Lord will use this in the future but i have been beyond blessed through it all. I am excited once again to embark on a journey of trusting in Him as I attempt to do well with what the Lord has given me. I love that saying " be faithful with the small things" I tend to lose sight of the end result but always i am reminded of His faithfulness in my weakness.

I am taking Chuck tapes :), Jonah and Theology-(w/ Katt) !!!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Day 3

My Goal this year is to read more than 20 books...here are at least 12 that i have already started or haven't even opened yet.

Day 2

So today was a great day. Went to 3rd service with Katt and then headed out to Brittany's house. We got some food and headed out to do some shopping at a few outlet malls. Even though it rained cats and dogs we all had a successful day. It was such a blessing just hanging out with my friends for the day :)

I pride myself of always finding amazing deals and I hardly ever pay full price, most of the time if it isn't marked down than it isn't going home with me. But I got some awesome deals :)

anyway... I am tired.goodnight

Saturday, January 01, 2011


Project 365

an attempt to stay consistent for a year and hopefully see at the end of 2011 the good. :)

Its the beginning of 2011. Crazy how fast 2010 went.

I spent my New Year celebration with the Refuge HS kids...it was fun. All together 16 kids and counselors went. It was super duper cold...definitely should have dressed a bit warmer. Went on the few good rides that are at Knott's and ended with a lovely very sugary Funnel Cake just in time to count down the new year.

Looking back on 2010 I have definitely been blessed. I was able to be apart of two of my really best friends weddings, continue on at the bookstore as full-time(benefits and money), celebrate good times and comfort friends that went through the bad times. I grew in my walk with the Lord, got to see Jesus be more real in my life and how precious I am to Him and realize once again how much I NEED Him.

Hopes for 2011: - God would continue to grow me and shape me
- that my satisfaction would be in Him alone
- God would stretch ( gulp) me
- that my Jesus would be glorified
- I would have a better sense of calling and direction of my life
- I would get to go Skydiving soon
- That i would LOVE those who God has placed in my life

Happy New Year!!!!!