Friday, August 25, 2006


So in the top we have lovely morgan and a flower. than our lovely group ....Dain, Adam, Marie , carly , morgan, me , and daniel. than the o so awsome kids on the block expressing their joy as they eat the delicious cotton candy . and marie and carly being very odd. while carly and i are being daft and darn well proud of it. we are no numpty's us peeps wez a smart as birdy...random. that was our daft day. :)


dain said...

Nice :) that was a fun day.

carly said...

LOL omigosh i NEED your pictures!!! Seriously please bring your card next time you come over and i'm gonna take them. my face in that cotton candy picture is frightening....hahaha i love the picture of morgan and the flower. amazing amazing.

Daniel A. said...

That was a fun day. I always have fun at Knott's. Too bad Xcellerator was closed, I frickin' love that ride.