Tuesday, August 29, 2006

His blessings

It's not luck like the world seems to call it
It's not just random times that i come so far
It's not gambling with love or even fear
It's not even my own self trying to reapper

It's this man that died along while ago
It's a man who came so far to lift me up
It's a man who never gambeled his life for ours
It's a man who is selfless and cannot fear

O this man i wish to see
the face and voice that comfort me
seeing is not believing or so i have heard
truth is what i see when i hear of this man
and love and joy that He carries in His hands

Rejoice and know that this man is not of flesh
not of selfishness or self confidence
but rather of spirit
a spirit of truth, this truth i want to know.

Friday, August 25, 2006


So in the top we have lovely morgan and a flower. than our lovely group ....Dain, Adam, Marie , carly , morgan, me , and daniel. than the o so awsome kids on the block expressing their joy as they eat the delicious cotton candy . and marie and carly being very odd. while carly and i are being daft and darn well proud of it. we are no numpty's us peeps wez a smart as birdy...random. that was our daft day. :)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Filled with peace

So...where ya going to school ?*i dont know, not even sure if thats the Lords plan*.......trusting GOd...........waiting........oh so where ya going to school? Oh well i am going to OCC. yeah thats right the Lord totally provided at the last minute and because of His love i am here to tell you that He is amazing and lovely and most of all the BEST FRIEND I COULD EVER ASK FOR.

I wait at the door hoping for a knock
looking around to see your face
there is no sound near my side
but a warmth in my heart.
Looking about to recognize
the beauty within your son
no more sorrow no more pain
just love and mercy i will gain.

In His hands,

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


AFter a time of lostness i have finally understood what God is trying to say. And that He has always showed me the direction i just never had the right focus. Amazing how when everything is going down hill its only God trying to get your attention and thats the only way. The LORD is amazing in so many ways.


Driving down that road just looking for a stop
confused and ready to drop
tears start to swell up my eyes
afraid and alone , is it only I?
how can i see this path ?
thats so clear
how do i know the way?

stoping to calm down
afraid to finish this road
almost giving up on something so simple
a desire never realized
can it be real, can i live like this?

lost and confused was I
found and loved am I
chosen by the savior of all
He will pick you up
when you start to fall

dont worry about that path
put your focus on Me
Look around and see this love
this love , it's free.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

not so much

well. I went golfing with my brother and that was really so much fun. Than we got back here and he kinda sorta just left me like as in i am in his room and let me see i have been here for like an hour or two just on the computer while i dont know where or what he is doing. thats just super
ok well adios.

Monday, August 14, 2006


It's Simply amazing how awsome, wonderful , and glorious the God and father of my life.is. Who am I to praise this truth, simply no one. i have no identity without God. thats right, there is no Melissa without Jesus. And believe me. I thank the dear Lord that He is in control and alive.

Seated I wait in awe of you
clothed in this holy presence
amazed by your glory and love
i am not anything, He is everything.
who am i to see your face?
who am i to see your grace?
who am i to know your son?
i am nothing you are the only one.

You are the one that can't fail
You are the one who's love is real
You are the one in my life
You are the one who made a sacrafice

Amazed i stand in awe of you
i stand because of your beauty
Bowing before my father
crying out to Him.

I am nothing He is the only one.
He is everything.
You are everything.

Will be up in LA for three days so will miss ya guys.
-In His hands.


Hello All.
Well the title of this page is Das Kind von Retter. which translation in german means - The child of rescuer. so basically the saviors child . Just wanted to clear that up.
Well have a blessed day.