Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Something sweet

He gave me a desire to follow after Him
To lay it all down at His feet
And I could dream of many things that might make me smile
But when I think of His great love my heart stretches a thousand miles

I could have the whole world at my feet and lose my soul for nothing sweet
Or I could give the Lord my life share with Him my dreams
I could walk on clouds and talk with all the saints
But nothing could bring more joy to my sight
To worship Him forevermore, to always walk in the light

My mind can not fathom a life beyond the sea
A whole different world waiting for me
And In this time that I wait for Him to come along
I shall rejoice, dance and sing and give praises to my king

A desire that He has placed in this unclean heart
A promise He didn’t have to make
A life He didn’t have to take
All for His glory all for Him
All this love to erase the sin

What time is this that we should waste on things so untrue?
For He gave me a desire to follow after Him
To lay it all down at His feet
And I could dream of many things that might make me smile
But when I think of His great love my heart stretches a thousand miles

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

O Lord...

Today during my long break, i was reading in psalms and came across this verse. I was so blessed and shared it with some peeps. May you be blessed by His word and trust that He has everything in control.

"but let all who take refuge in You rejoice; let them ever sing for joy, and spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may exult you. For you bless the righteous, O Lord; you cover him with favor as with a shield "- Psalm 5:11-12

Thank you Father, for protecting us, for being our shield in times of need and giving us that joy to exalt and rejoice in your name. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You truely are worthy to be praised. Amen
In His hands :)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I once was.....

Lost and confused
broken and bruised
alone and upset
sad and depressed

that is how i used to be
before He found me

know i am found
found and amazed
broken but mended with love
satisfied and alive
happy and blessed

Now i will sing and rejoice
to the Holy one
now i will sing and rejoice
for He is the glorious
we have a glorious
He gave His glorious son.

Monday, October 23, 2006

I am not perfect !!!! Thank you Jesus

I could sing of your love forever, I could sing of your love forever......

Sometimes all i want is to stop what i am doing and just sit right where i am at. Sometimes the only strength i have is to sit on the side of the road and ponder. And sometimes by just waiting and seeking Him we are able to see the reason why He has made this road in the first place.

I don't always understand the position God has put us in. For the most part I am thankful for that. Last night i really knew that right now where i am at, is ok, its where he has me.
He has me serving Him by going to school , getting good grades and trying my very best at everything that i do. He has me at the Highschool group to minister and to be ministered to. He has me growing at the place that i work at. He has given me many challenges, many tests, and many times to cry to Him , and yell that I need Him. He has me see that my life is filled with His son. I AM NOT PERFECT . I NEED HIS HELP.
The Lord has shown me that if i am open He can take me anywhere, and can fulfill the desires He has put in my heart.
Yes i would love to travel get married, finish school, and many other spectular things. And i want to be here where He has me. This sort of peace that i have is so comforting. How can i fail a life when Jesus is my guide.
I truely beyond all the THINGS that would be nice, i truely just want to be closer to my maker. I want to make HIM proud. That when i die, my life was a relfection of His son.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

praise the Lord

are you ever in a position in a situation where no matter what you try to do, it just gets more complicated and hard, and confusing.
well by golly that is where i am at right now. so goodness.
but through all of our odd humans stuff the LORD is always there.

I have learned that this life is more than living, its more than breathing, this life is about living and breathing for God.

Praise ye the Lord !!!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006


You are my everything, you are the air I breathe
you are the highest King , you are the song I sing

And everytime that i see your painting in the sky
I marvel at your beauty and all the questions why
why I turn away from you at times?
why do I leave when I need your help?

You are my everything, you are the air I breathe
you are the highest king, you are the song I sing

Here i sit at the lake , waiting for my prince
the road at my side and a journey to take
how do I give up this pride?
there you stand by this rock, ready to carry me
after all this time waiting for a prince
you are more then I asked for, you are the King

Oh precious savior that made for me the path that i will take to see
all of your love and sweet beauty
this preciouse king, save me

I am not my own, no I have no right
to speak of you, to win this fight
you are my everything, the air I breathe the song I sing my holy king.

you speak these simple words of truth
of beauty and love

we are nothing without you
we are everything to your son
now we will rise and sing praises to the holy one

i sing because i see how true all of this life can be
i sing because i know his love and all that it brings

It is so odd how people are always waiting for that one thing that will make them happy or satisfy their needs. I know that girls have that desire to get married and all that fun stuff. We are always waiting for our prince. Now JESUS wants more then that for you , He wants you to have a King not just a prince.
Sometimes we get so cought up in waiting for that prince that we don't have our eyes open to anything else. In that, not only does it apply for women who are waiting for that man but also for anyone waiting for that certain presence that will bring them happiness and joy.
One of my favorite hymms, is , His Eye is On the Sparrow....hymms brighten my day.
It is so amazing how in heaven we will be able to rejoice and praise our KING forever, not just a time but FOREVER. That makes me want to praise Him even more now because our best on earth is like our worst in heaven. WOW i am so jazzed. The Lord is so amazing.
He desires to give us blessing upon blessing. And true desire upon desire.

Oh how i love Jesus , oh how i love Jesus , oh how I love Jesus because He first loved me...

The best thing that i love to do besides talking about nonsense is to PRAY.
PRAYER is really what we need to do for eachother and for God. Prayer is communication , and how can you have a relationship without communication. I encourage you(carly and whoever randomly visits sites) to be blessed and talk with our God.

Love ya....

Friday, October 13, 2006


There is so much that i can say
so many words to pray
a bit of love and care is all
that is all that is all
the lover of my soul
created me to be the image of His son
and when i begin to speak
did i reflect the holy one?


Love and care that is all you need
some faith and trust shall procced and
after all the pain and hurt
trials and scratch
we shall meet our father to hear him say
well done my good and faithful servant.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


What can wash away my sins, what can make me whole again , nothing but the blood nothing but the blood of jesus.

gazing at the moon light while sitting on the ground,
finding myself so little, how could i be found.
As i ponder these thoughts that only bring disspair
it says in my fathers word that He is always there.
How could i ever think of not praising my God,
when all my life is even for the glory of the Lord
and yet i do the fleshly things that do not give Him praise
i sometimes desire that will someday fade away
He shall give us strength to do His perfect will
and when we start to gaze at the moon that He has made
the Lord our God will someday share to us,
when He would look at the moon and think of all He has made
the one thing that will bring Him most joy is the day when we where made.
For we are here to do His work to relfect His begotten son
we are here to live and learn like the perfect one.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Seriously what is worship? What does worship mean to you?

In my own experience, worship really means more then singing although that is a great way to honor our God. Worship is definatly more then that. When we worship our God, just by praying, fellowshiping, sharing our gifts the Lord has blessed us with and giving God the glory that my friend is worshiping God.
Tonight was so stinking awsome. After the HOUSE (college ministry) Austin, Carly, and I all went down to the HB pier and started playing some songs. It was really really awsome. Then all these peeps from the HOUSE showed up and we all talked and sang and just had sweet fellowship with eachother. During just a random time when everyone was in little groups i had this thought that all these people that i am sitting and hanging out with, i will see them in heaven. These guys and girls are my brothers and sisters in christ. That was just a neat thougth that the Lord gave me. I encourage you to all seek Him and be blessed by the things that our father has provided.

Bless the Lord my soul and all that is with in me bless His holy name....

In His holy and precious name,

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I am there…

When you fall asleep and close your eyes to dream of something sweet
I am there

When you cry and yell for me
I am there by your side, you just can’t see

When you are waiting for all to calm down
I am there to lighten the sound
I am there to unshaken the ground

When all you need is a long embracing hug
I am there with many angels comforting your soul

When you may think I am to far away, just speak to me,
I am there when you pray

And when times in you day are not glorifying to me and rest is all you need
I am there to give you rest to cast those burdens far

Most of all when you FEEL like nothing else could get worse that life is just to hard

Remember the death of my son on the cross,
Although he was sacrificed, it wasn’t a loss

Good can come out of bad, you just have to trust in me

When you are sleeping and resting your soul
Just remember I am there putting back those broken pieces and making you whole.

So next when you close your eyes just get some rest
Remember I am always there by your side giving you the very best

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Little Blessings

Little blessings mean soooo much. I was talking to my bro the other night and after talking to him and his friends i was searching for some verses. I came across this verse and was so blessed by it. So i will now share with you a little blessing. But before i do.
We are His little blessing. He is blessed by being our father. all we have to do is NOTHING. just love HIM.

" There are many plans in a man's heart, Nevertheless the Lord's counsel - that will stand. " Proverbs 19:21

when i read this verse , it really was just an eye opener that we may have our own plans that sometimes don't really include His plans. And because of that sinful nature we miss out on the little blessings. I encourage you all, any body , that if you aren't walking to meet God than you are walking to meet Satan. That is harsh but so true. It says in the bible that we are either for Him or against Him.
Desire His plans for your life. We will fall in sin but He will save us from death. Live your life for Him.
We have that promise " The name of the Lord is a strong tower ; the rightous run in to it and are safe." Proverbs 18:10 .

May you all have a blessed day !!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fall to Him

even when the sun is out and the wind begins to blow
a overwhelming peace calms my heart to a slow
it is almost like awaking from a long nap
unsure of the surrondings , uncertain of the path
i walk in the heat while i am so cold
i walk through the wind with nothing to hold
and at times i think i will fall on my hands and knees
fearing a god who gives me air to breathe
wondering what my purpose , amazed that He doesn't see
the path's i have taken and choices i have made
once a different person , but now saved.
this confusing time can only get better
a sweeter moment as i read His letter
"Don't give up hope when things are tough
stand even when you may fall
trust that all the times you do choose the wrong
i know that in your heart you are strong."
as i walk on that sunny day as the wind begins to blow
His overwhelming presence calms my heart to a slow.

Monday, September 18, 2006

amazing grace

Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wrench like me....i once was lost but now i am found was blind but now i see.
The Lord is so awsome. It is truely a privalige to speak of Him. To have friends and to have that fellowship with eachother. I am so excited that we have our life already awaiting us and we just get to stroll on by. Now really , its not that easy to just take life and not have some input in God's glorious plans. Of course we will want to tweak it but the Lord is almighty how could we not trust Him.

Sometimes i stand and stare outside the box, just to get out of where i lie
sometimes i wish that this life wasnt so hard and that all my doubts would dissapear
sometimes i walk in a path i can't seem to see an end that doesnt seem near
and sometimes i sit in the corner waiting for life to end.
In all these times not once even though there was doubt and fear have i ever been alone
when i stood and stared outside that box, He was there
when i wished that this life wasn't so hard , He went through it all
when i walked in the path that awaited new life, He carried me ever step
and when i sat in that corner waiting for life to end , He was there promising me a new life and His hand.
Oh amazing Savior how gracious your king
to live a perfect life , to give us everything.
Oh what a precious God who made us all
my perfect true love who will never let me fall.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Stand, GO and speak of me...

I can not change the descions i have made,I can not be this person who lives in the world and who lives for the crowd,The Lord has changed my heart and all my future plans he has given me hope and a promse in His hands .
Stand , Go, Speak of me, my child your life is in my Hands
So , Stand, Go , Speak of me, my child your life is in my Hands.
The love of Jesus Christ is truely found in me,
the love of Jesus Christ is truely found in me.
I am not in the world like my flesh desires I choose to be my saviors child and stand before my God . He shows His light through my heart so many can see. The love of Jesus Christ is truely found in me. My sins and flesh are dead and new life is what I have. so i will stand and go and speak of Him to all that i see, i will lift my hands and worship this God . A God of love, love in Him. True love for you and me.

Saturday, September 09, 2006



You know what really hurts God more than it hurts me is when we all get bitter, mean, hurtful , and worldy towards our fellow brothers and sisters. I can say right now that i am that way...i don't like it but sometimes my flesh wants to control my spirit and i let it. now the Lord loves you and me sooooooo much that it hurts Him when we hurt eachother.

Advice: friendship is something that the Lord has blessed us with , so that we may have fellowship and share about Jesus to one another. But if don't treat eachother the way we treat God, than we are just acting like the world. This really bothers me...God tells us that we are His children but honestly lets not act like one. I mean , i love you this day and the next your not my friend anymore. REMEMber that FRIEndship is a blessing not a curse. Words do hurt and someday people will no longer care about that word, it will just be ....oh can i use you now and later i will just throw you out of my life.

Be blessed by what the Lord has given you and also...... if our Lord who sent His only son to DIE for yours and my sins and JESUS can forgive you and me than i am sure that you can at least forgive and hope that the Lord can mend whatever situation. Never ever think that life is over w/out a friend cause even when you dont have any HE is you best friend. Dont ever compromise or think little of our God. Expect great things and know that He will be by your side.

love ya all,

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Ok here's the truth. I want to travel, teach kids, teach as a professor some odd fun thing, sing for church, do worship, learn guitar and make music for God, start a church or be involved with starting one, live in europe, mexico, south africa, riverside, and wherever my Lord has me to live. I think it would be awsome if i finished at OCC, attended bible college, and cal - baptist. I want to be organized and sure that i will pass all my classes with flying colors, always want to be involved with the ministry, eventually go on a missions trip, get a passport, eventually own a truck, trust that God will provide in any situation that i am in. Live with my greatest friends in the world, go on raod trip, pass the tests that God gives me, not care what others think of me( working on that , getting some progress), learn to hip- hop and crip walking, get married and have 3-4 kids and adopt 1. start a bible study and open my home for church things, not fear anything except my Lord. Be a light in this dark world. realize that i can't do anything with my strength that i need to give up my flesh and pride and rely on God to help me through. never change the way God made me instead grow and become the woman after His heart.

The truth comes out. are you ready to listen?
can you even grasp the thought
of more than yourself , of a God?
is it possible to gain a father so fast
to leave the fear behind to never look back
are you ready to change for better?
are you ready to live in love?
is it ok to have these desires
when they glorify the Lord?
questioning the possiblity of them ever taking place
I am ready to listen , scared to grasp anyone but me,
scared to think i have a father that i dont see
i dont need to look back and He forgets your past.
I am ready to change for the better
to live in love
to know that all my desires in Him will be blessed by Him,
and i question His power and mine
in the end knowing He is the truth and devine.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

His blessings

It's not luck like the world seems to call it
It's not just random times that i come so far
It's not gambling with love or even fear
It's not even my own self trying to reapper

It's this man that died along while ago
It's a man who came so far to lift me up
It's a man who never gambeled his life for ours
It's a man who is selfless and cannot fear

O this man i wish to see
the face and voice that comfort me
seeing is not believing or so i have heard
truth is what i see when i hear of this man
and love and joy that He carries in His hands

Rejoice and know that this man is not of flesh
not of selfishness or self confidence
but rather of spirit
a spirit of truth, this truth i want to know.

Friday, August 25, 2006


So in the top we have lovely morgan and a flower. than our lovely group ....Dain, Adam, Marie , carly , morgan, me , and daniel. than the o so awsome kids on the block expressing their joy as they eat the delicious cotton candy . and marie and carly being very odd. while carly and i are being daft and darn well proud of it. we are no numpty's us peeps wez a smart as birdy...random. that was our daft day. :)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Filled with peace

So...where ya going to school ?*i dont know, not even sure if thats the Lords plan*.......trusting GOd...........waiting........oh so where ya going to school? Oh well i am going to OCC. yeah thats right the Lord totally provided at the last minute and because of His love i am here to tell you that He is amazing and lovely and most of all the BEST FRIEND I COULD EVER ASK FOR.

I wait at the door hoping for a knock
looking around to see your face
there is no sound near my side
but a warmth in my heart.
Looking about to recognize
the beauty within your son
no more sorrow no more pain
just love and mercy i will gain.

In His hands,

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


AFter a time of lostness i have finally understood what God is trying to say. And that He has always showed me the direction i just never had the right focus. Amazing how when everything is going down hill its only God trying to get your attention and thats the only way. The LORD is amazing in so many ways.


Driving down that road just looking for a stop
confused and ready to drop
tears start to swell up my eyes
afraid and alone , is it only I?
how can i see this path ?
thats so clear
how do i know the way?

stoping to calm down
afraid to finish this road
almost giving up on something so simple
a desire never realized
can it be real, can i live like this?

lost and confused was I
found and loved am I
chosen by the savior of all
He will pick you up
when you start to fall

dont worry about that path
put your focus on Me
Look around and see this love
this love , it's free.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

not so much

well. I went golfing with my brother and that was really so much fun. Than we got back here and he kinda sorta just left me like as in i am in his room and let me see i have been here for like an hour or two just on the computer while i dont know where or what he is doing. thats just super
ok well adios.

Monday, August 14, 2006


It's Simply amazing how awsome, wonderful , and glorious the God and father of my life.is. Who am I to praise this truth, simply no one. i have no identity without God. thats right, there is no Melissa without Jesus. And believe me. I thank the dear Lord that He is in control and alive.

Seated I wait in awe of you
clothed in this holy presence
amazed by your glory and love
i am not anything, He is everything.
who am i to see your face?
who am i to see your grace?
who am i to know your son?
i am nothing you are the only one.

You are the one that can't fail
You are the one who's love is real
You are the one in my life
You are the one who made a sacrafice

Amazed i stand in awe of you
i stand because of your beauty
Bowing before my father
crying out to Him.

I am nothing He is the only one.
He is everything.
You are everything.

Will be up in LA for three days so will miss ya guys.
-In His hands.


Hello All.
Well the title of this page is Das Kind von Retter. which translation in german means - The child of rescuer. so basically the saviors child . Just wanted to clear that up.
Well have a blessed day.